In January 2018, the experts of the Customer Experience & Digital Marketing practice of Atos Consulting evaluated the desktop sites, mobile apps and mobile websites of 12 Swiss and 2 Austrian ski resorts. The study included only ski resorts with more than 150 kilometres of slope.

A typical customer journey was the basis for evaluation. This consists of the following steps: research, journey, skiing, lunch and return journey. Within these steps, typical applications or requirements have been defined: Can the app tell me where I currently am within the ski resort? What slopes are currently open? Can I reserve a table at the mountain restaurant? The evaluation was made following these criteria. The list of applications can be found in the table below:

General information on the location Can I find information about lockers, toilets etc. in the valley?
Dialog / Support Can I receive answers to my questions in real-time?
Mobile coverage Does my phone have 3G reception?
Wi-Fi coverage Is there a free public Wi-Fi in the area?
Open lifts Which lifts are open?
Open lifts / First runs Which lifts are open, when does the first lift run?
Open slopes / waiting times / last lift Which slopes are open, how long is the wait, when is the last ride up?
Open slopes Which slopes are open, where am I?
Open restaurants Which restaurants are open? What is on the menu?
Parking Where can I park, can I “mark” my parking lot, how much does it cost
Ski maps Where am I? How do I get from A to B?
Reservation Can I reserve a table in a restaurant?
Snow depth What is the snow depth at specific places?
Seamless Travel Can I plan my route via GPS / Google Maps?
Seamless Travel What is the traffic situation on the way down to the valley?
Language Are all features available in German and English?
Buy tickets Can day passes be ordered and paid online?
Buy tickets How can I buy day passes on site?
Webcams Can I see the current conditions in the skiing area?
Weather report What is the current weather forecast?
Weather report / Avalanche risk What is the weather and avalanche report?

The final assessment is composed of the assessed applications and the perceived user experience. None of the assessed ski resorts have any relations with Atos Consulting nor have they commissioned the study. Snowboarders can consider themselves addressed as well. 🙂

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